Professor Henk de Haan

Member of Advisory Board
Professor Henk de Haan is a foreign policy specialist, who served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for ten years in the Christian Democratic Party of the Netherlands. For four years he was chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Dutch Parliament. He combined his work as an MP with a professorship in the city of Groningen where he taught economics, specialising in international relations. Whilst an MP, he acted as financial spokesman of his political party and was also involved in areas such as taxes, accountancy law, trade policy and development cooperation. Furthermore, in 2006 he chaired the Committee on Economic Affairs in the Dutch Parliament. He has been engaged in coordinating receptions of foreign delegations in the Netherlands for many years. Professor de Haan works tirelessly on human rights issues in the Middle East. He has managed to raise regional human rights abuse issues in countries such as Iran and Iraq with the Dutch government on many occasions. He was also awarded the decoration “Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau” on 29 November 2006 in the Netherlands.

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