Board of Directors

Mosa Zahed


Mosa Zahed was born in Kirkuk, Iraq, to Iranian parents. He is a Middle East expert and a foreign policy and security adviser to parliamentarians of E.U. member states. He has spoken at many parliamentary committee meetings in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands on human rights violations and has been successful in promoting policy change. Having lived in The Hague, Brussels and currently living in London, he has established and maintained an international network of politicians. He has acted as spokesperson to international media regarding regional developments and has extensive experience working with non-governmental and intergovernmental organisations. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in European Public Management at The Hague University and a master’s degree in International and Development Administration at Leiden University.

Azadeh Hosseini

Azadeh Hosseini is a human rights activist who was born in Tehran, Iran and raised in London, United Kingdom. She actively follows the development in the Near East and is in particular interested in the role of women and their struggle for equality and human rights. She holds a bachelors degree in Chemistry and Management Studies from University College London (UCL) and a masters degree in Internal Audit and Management from City Business School. She achieved her qualifications to teach in Science and Chemistry from the University of Oxford and is currently a teacher in London.

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