March for Aleppo in London


img-20161217-wa0029London, MEFD – Thousands of people gathered in Marble Arch, London, then marched to Downing Street, in an event organised by the Syria Solidarity Campaign which was also attended by a delegation of Middle East Forum for Development (MEFD).

The campaign had urged people to join their protest against large-scale bombardments targeting civilians in Aleppo by the Assad regime and its allies.

The activists chanted “stop the Syrian genocide” , “free Syria”, “out out Iran, out out Russia, put out Assad”, “no bomb zone now”, “save Aleppo save humanity”, and “drop aid not bombs”.
A civilian evacuation to towns on the outskirts of Aleppo was organised for Saturday but Iranian militias and insurgents rejected most of the 4000 evacuees, allowing only 400 to proceed.
The campaign added: “There is a Holocaust ongoing and we urgently need the international community to take action to save lives”. Protesters highlighted that international inaction has created “Holocaust-like” atrocities in Syria.

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