MEFD joins protest for Syria – calling for end to human suffering in Aleppo


mefd-delegation-londonLondon, MEFD – This afternoon, hundreds of people gathered at 10 Downing Street, London, to call on the British government and Prime Minister Theresa May to take immediate action in order to end the bloodshed in Syria, especially the atrocities perpetrated by Russia through a bombing campaign against the people of Aleppo.

The protestors were joined by actress Carey Mulligan, who was hoping to “send a serious message” to the UK government in order to “step up and lead this to stop the fighting in Aleppo.”

The protestors belonged to various groups, including Syria Solidarity UK, Amnesty International, supporters of the Iranian opposition movement, Christian groups and War Child supporters. A delegation from Middle East Forum for Development was also in attendance.

The protestors demanded the immediate creation of a no fly zone in Aleppo and that humanitarian convoys be allowed to carry out their vital duties.

Teddy bears were left outside Downing Street in tribute to children who have suffered or died as a result of persistent attacks in Syria.

Iranian opposition supporters, who were present at today’s gathering, supported the Syrian movement in highlighting the involvement of the Iranian government in committing atrocities inside Syria. Syrian chants also called to an end to Russian involvement and bombings in support of the Assad regime.

The temporary ceasefire, which was announced last week by Russia, ended on Saturday and there are concerns that humanitarian aid did not reach the city of Aleppo.






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