MEFD strongly condemns rocket attacks on Camp Liberty


Camp Liberty rocket attacksLondon, MEFD – At 7.40 pm last night, Camp Liberty in north-east Baghdad, which is home to around 2,250 unarmed members of the Iranian opposition group the People’s Mojahedin Organisation, was subjected to multiple rocket attacks which resulted in the death of at least 23 camp residents, including one woman, and multiple injuries. According to accounts by Camp Liberty residents, the camp was struck by over 80 missiles comprising 122 mm Katyusha missiles and Iranian-built Falaq rockets, destroying many housing units and their protective T-walls. 131 trailers have been completely destroyed and 226 rendered unusable. The attack has also affected the camp’s electricity and water supplies, leaving residents with grim living conditions. Middle East Forum for Development strongly condemns yesterday’s rocket attacks on Camp Liberty and calls on the government of Iraq to honour its obligations under international law and provide adequate security for the residents of the camp. Furthermore, we call on the government of Iraq to immediately launch an independent investigation into this appalling act and bring those responsible to justice.

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